Losing Hope For Your Financial Situation? Learn From Oprah

You can learn a lot from Oprah. Is the world economy’s current woes dragging you down? Are you having trouble holding down a job and keeping your business afloat? Are you losing hope for your financial situation? Perhaps it’s time to take some inspiration from people who have been in the same situation as you — maybe even worse — and still managed to come out on top. Case in point? Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah Didn’t Let Her Present Define Her Future

Oprah Winfrey is truly an inspiration to many people. She didn’t let her dreadful past define her future. Instead, she used it to propel herself to a life full of self-fulfillment and success. What’s more, she also used her great influence to help others.

Oprah, or Orpah Gail Winfrey, was born on January 29, 1954 in Kosciusko, Mississippi. Vernita Lee, her mother, was a single teenage mother who worked as a housemaid. The name “Oprah” came to be because her family had difficulty pronouncing her real name.

The first six years of Oprah’s life was spent living with her grandmother, Hattie Mae Lee. Hattie wasn’t exactly the world’s most loving grandmother. In fact, she often hit Oprah whenever the little girl misbehaved. And because they were so poor, Oprah had to wear to potato sack dresses, which made her a favorite target of taunting by local bullies.

As a child, Oprah was not a stranger to life’s hardships. Raped at age 9, a teenage mom at age 14 — that was how traumatic her early life was. Her mother also deprived her of the emotional support and encouragement she desperately needed. Eventually though, she came to live with someone she called her father.

Oprah Knew The Value Of Hard Work

Oprah started working at an early age. She had her first radio job when she was in high school. After that, she co-anchored the local evening news at age 19. Thanks to her exceptional hosting skills, she managed to boost the ratings of a Chicago-based local talk show to first place. This earned her the opportunity to open her own successful production company.

“Rapport talk” — that was how Time magazine called Oprah Winfrey’s style of hosting. She didn’t come out as a regular talk show host, but more like the listener’s close friend or family member. That’s why she almost always manages to make her guests reveal intimate details — it was her core gift.

Today, no other talk show could match the success of the Oprah Winfrey Show. It ran nationally from 1986 to 2011 with a total of 25 seasons under its belt. The show discussed varied topics related to health, spirituality, social issues, and so on. The show was so interesting that even men watched it.

Oprah Shared Her Success With The World

Who could have ever imagined that a woman with such background as Oprah’s could achieve so much success today? She’s a famous talk show host, philanthropist, producer, businesswoman, and an actress. Plus, she’s the only black billionaire in the world. Her charity works extend far and wide making her the greatest black philanthropist in the history of America.

There are so many things to be learned from the life of this inspirational woman. She proved that success can be achieved in the midst of your life’s hardships. Your age, race, gender, and educational background are not hindrances to success. In fact, these absolutely have nothing to do with it! All you need to have is pure determination and a positive mindset to reach your dreams.

If you’d like to rise from your problems, become phenomenally successful, and inspire other people to follow your example, then I’d love to help you. Visit my website to join my community of happy, hardworking, dedicated dreamers.

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100% Commission MLSPWhat’s the best home-based business opportunity in the world today? Without a doubt, it’s network marketing. Like it or hate it, network marketing has created more millionaires than any other industry in history. There’s just one problem — it can be hard if you’re not used to it!

The Problem With Certain Network Marketing Companies

Again, there’s no doubt that network marketing is a great opportunity for home-based business owners. But not all network marketing companies are good. For instance, only the best companies have teams that help you build your network when you’re just starting out.

Building a network that nets you a comfortable income can take years. If you’ve never tried it before, it can be difficult. And a few rejections can be enough to make you feel like giving up.

So again, you’ll need a strong team and a responsive community to back you up. You’ll need these people to train you and get you into the “business mindset” — without which, of course, you would never succeed in any business, no matter how simple it might be!

Here’s my advice: If you don’t feel comfortable with the community of the network marketing company you’re about to join, then you might want to wait until you make a few good friends. Remember, they’ll be your lifeline for the next year or more.

Another Problem: Commissions

Here’s another problem with some network marketing companies — sometimes, the commissions you get from every sale is small. For instance, with some companies, you’re lucky to get more than 15-25% of every sale you make.

So if you decide to go the “direct selling” path, joining companies that give out tiny commissions can be a challenge. You may need to build a significant volume of regular sales before you can earn a decent income. And that can take time.

How do you increase your income when taking the “direct selling” path? The answer is simple — either make more sales, or look for companies that offer high commissions. Again, 15-25% may not be high enough for you.

But what if I told you there was a certain “loophole” to these commission systems? What if I told you you didn’t have to settle for the 15-25% commission that many network marketing companies give? What if you could get 100% commission — so that everything you sell becomes pure profit for you?

It’s true. It’s being done right now. And if you’d like to know how, I’d love to show you!

To learn about this commission loophole that guarantees 100% commission for all your sales, visit this website today. Also, want to know more about how to make your dormant network marketing career thrive? Join my mailing list to find out!

The 6 Principles Of Living A Successful Life

Success doesn’t happen by accident. You make it happen. But before you reach that road to victory, some things about yourself have to be changed. You need to adopt new principles that will guide you to your quest for a transformed and more successful life.

Each person has his own definition for success. According to John C. Maxwell, success can be measured by knowing your life purpose, reaching your greatest potential, and planting seeds that’ll help others. How about you? What comes into your mind when success is mentioned?

Principle #1 – Have A Positive Mindset

A positive attitude leads to a positive action, which then yields a positive result. That’s how the cycle always goes. Nothing seems to be too difficult for people blessed with positive mindsets. They have amazing self-confidence, easily spot opportunities, and always find solutions to problems.

Contrary to what others might believe, a positive mindset is not something you’re born with. It can be learned. Start by associating yourself with positive people.

I used to have a classmate way back in college—let’s call her Mitch—who’s always in a good mood. Even when her schoolwork, and her professors, reached unbearable levels, she never failed to smile. So I finally asked her, “How come you’re always on a great mood?” She just replied, “It’s simply because I choose to be. There’s no use sulking over things you can’t control anyway.”

Principle #2 – Have A List Of Dreams To Work For

Have you ever met someone without dreams? They’re like the living dead—living each day with no hope for the future. Dreams are very important. They direct your path and serve as predictors for your future.

Principle #3 – Accept Your Fears

It’s okay to be afraid. Just don’t let it get the best of you. If you do, it will slowly creep inside you until you’re completely paralyzed. Fear has that effect, unless you bravely face it head-on. When you accept fear, it actually makes you stronger.

Principle #4 – Fail Your Way To Success

Don’t stop when you fail. Instead, use your failures to measure your level of success. Henry Ford once said, “Failure is the opportunity to begin more intelligently.” Imagine, if Thomas Edison didn’t try hundreds of times, he wouldn’t have ever created the light bulb… and you’d probably be reading this article on paper, in candlelight. J

Principle #5 – Stick To Your Game

Hone your strengths, not your weaknesses. You have to face the fact that you can’t do everything. The sooner you accept that, the better. If you are not good at something, work with someone who’s great in it. Remember that successful people don’t work hard — they work smart!

Principle #6 – Never Stop Learning

If you want to go to places worth going, you have to be open to personal growth. No matter how much your job pays you, if it doesn’t offer you the opportunity to grow, your efforts would only go to waste. There are really just some things that money can’t buy.

You can’t really control people or events in your life; but you can control what’s within you. That’s why one of the most important ingredients to success is “you.” The principles that were mentioned are just guides. You can learn more about how to lead a successful life by visiting my website.

Home Security Systems is priceless

Home Security Systems is a priceless and will give you peace of mind!

Building wealth is very important – keeping your family safe with a home security systems is priceless! Did you know that in America alone, a home burglary is committed every 14 seconds? Leaving your home unprotected can mean thousands of dollars of lost assets for you — or worse, put your loved ones at risk. That’s why home security systems are always a good investment, and this article will show you how to protect your home quickly, easily, and within budget.

Find A Home Security Systems Provider You Can Trust

There are lots of home security system providers out there, so it’s important to check each provider available to you. You’ll want to work with a provider with a good track record and a long list of satisfied clients. (I can help you with that, but I’ll save that for later!)

The most important thing, of course, is the security system itself. Check if the provider has all of these three components of a good home security system: Door sensors, windows sensors, video surveillance and motion detectors.

Let’s start with the most basic form of home protection:

Home Security Systems – Door Sensors

Door sensors are, as the name implies, security sensors installed on the doors of your home. These sensors detect unnatural motions on and around the door area. When something trips the sensor, an alarm may sound, or the police may be automatically notified of the ongoing burglary.

A door sensor is perhaps the most basic piece of home security system you can invest in, since most burglaries are made through the front door. But for a larger house, you may want to invest in additional security, such as window sensors.

Home Security Systems – Window Sensors

Window sensors are also important, because windows are an access point to the more private areas of your home, and are in many ways bigger security risks than your home’s doors. For maximum home security, you’ll need to make sure your windows are also protected with sensors.

Window sensors come in many forms. Some are installed with the blinds/curtain apparatus to detect movement during unnatural times of the day. Others are installed on the sills and panes. No matter what shape and size your window is, there’s a sensor for it.

Home Security Systems – Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is optional with most home security systems but in my opinion it’s mandatory. Imagine being able to visually monitor the doors and windows outside of your home with video surveillance. As someone approaches your home – the video surveillance starts to record. This video feed can also be seen on your phone app too.

And finally, you might also want to invest in:

Home Security Systems – Motion Detectors

Certain rooms and areas in your home (such as hallways) are also great places to put some security measures. Motion detectors, which immediately trigger an alarm or notify the police, would be best in such locations.

These are just the basics — home security technology evolves by the year. If you’d like to enlist the services of a home security provider who stays on top of the developments — and offers you a nifty business opportunity at the same time — then I’d love to help you!

For the best home security systems in America today, visit Protect America at this website! Don’t wait to protect your home and loved ones from burglars and intruders, get your FREE Quote and Order click here now your home security systems today.

For various reasons, today’s pharmaceutical sales industry is shrinking. And all over the country, pharmaceutical sales professionals are desperately looking for alternative work opportunities in the shadow of getting laid off. Does that sound like you? Then this article may have the only solution you’ll need!

Where To Bring Your Skills And Passion, 5Linx?

There isn’t a single reason to blame for the current shrinking of the pharmaceutical sales industry. There’s a whole multitude of reasons that’s causing pharmaceutical sales to drop by the year. And the hardest hit are the pharmaceutical sales professionals, who depend on the industry for a living.

As expected, most pharmaceutical professionals are scrambling to find a “Plan B” for their careers. And fortunately, pharmaceutical sales professionals all over the country are finding new venues to bring their skills and passion. And one of the most popular venues happens to be 5Linx.

5Linx is The Premier Home-Based Business Opportunity that’s a great fit for pharmaceutical sales professionals looking for an alternative source of income. Some professionals have even switched completely to 5Linx and are now enjoying more income than they ever received as sales professionals.

My 5Linx Success Story

That’s right — Thanks to the shrinking industry, I got laid off in December 2011. Fortunately, I was able to land back on my feet with a new pharmaceutical company in February 2012. Thank God, I found 5Linx months before I was laid off and I’ve been able to position myself to replace my income as a sales pro!!!

5Linx is a perfect fit for my skills, interests, and passions. And now, I’m building a team — I’m looking for pharmaceutical sales professionals, or anyone else looking for a “Plan B” for their financial future. (If you’re interested, be sure to read until the end of this article!) And it’s not just me, either. Today, hundreds of pharmaceutical sales professionals are joining 5Linx and building their new home businesses. And one of them happens to be Lisa Cloud, who also got laid off from her once-promising career in pharmaceutical sales.

Lisa Cloud’s 5Linx Success Story

But that didn’t stop Lisa. While many other people would feebly sign up for welfare, she signed up with 5Linx. She started her own home business, and before long was able to surpass her yearly income as a sales professional. Today, Lisa is the owner of a successful business — and she runs it in the comforts of her own home. Her income is growing by the day, and will keep growing no matter what state the economy is in. 5Linx is saving many professionals from financial ruin, and it can save you, too. If you’d like to secure your financial future, then I’d love to help you!

To learn more about my 5Linx team and what it can do for you, visit my website! You can have your own home-based business set up and running within a few days — and with me as your mentor, you’re practically guaranteed to succeed. Click here now!

Here’s a question: What’s the best way to ensure your small business makes a profit? Without a doubt, it’s to keep your overhead costs low, and maximize your sales per marketing dollar. Here are two innovative ways to do both in one swoop, no matter what your small business is all about.

It’s All About The Cheapest Way To Sell

When starting a new business or product/service line, the smartest entrepreneurs take 3 steps: (1) They get their product/service ready to sell, (2) they find the cheapest ways to make a single sale, and (3) later refine their product and sales process.

Basically, the cheaper it is for the company to make a sale, the better. That’s why lowering the overhead costs can have a significant impact on a business’s profits. So any smart business owner constantly looks for ways to lower overhead while optimizing their marketing and selling efforts.

Let’s start with the “lowering overhead” part:

#1 – Save On Your Credit Card Merchant Fee

When your business accepts credit cards, you’re opening the doors to faster growth and more profits. Customers are more willing to make purchases when they know they have the option to swipe. Having a credit card service for your business will mean more sales in less time.

Perhaps the biggest problem with the credit card service is the credit card merchant fee that goes with it. Business owners usually lower their costs by comparing credit card services, but you can only go so far with that approach.

That’s why savvy small business owners turn to services like 5Linx’s Credit Card Processing. With such services, you enjoy the lowest credit card merchant fees anywhere, and you can also save money per swipe. What’s more, there’s the opportunity for referral business with 5Linx, and you also help find a cure for breast cancer. (To learn more about 5Linx’s Credit Card Processing, click here.)

#2 – Try Text Marketing

Now let’s move on to optimizing your marketing and selling efforts. What’s the best way to reach out to your potential customers?

Brochures and business cards? Sure, if you can deal with the printing costs. Social media? Sure, but not everyone has profiles on Facebook or Twitter. E-mail? Probably, but people are already inundated with e-mail these days.

That’s why the best way to reach out to your potential customers is through text marketing. Everyone checks all their texts! And it costs next-to-nothing to send a text message these days.

You can try services such as TextAlertz. It’s a great way to keep in touch with your business’s fans, stay on their radar, announce promos, and build your company branding. (Click here for more information about TextAlertz).

Want to know more great money-saving techniques for your own business? Then I’ve got just the thing for you!

To learn more about cutting down on your business’s overhead costs and optimizing your sales and marketing efforts, visit my website today. Join my community of like-minded, hard-working workers and business owners. Also, want ideas on what business is best for you? Join my mailing list to find out!

Networking And Branding Your Way To Success

When you join a network marketing company, you officially become its “representative.” You’re made to believe that you’re owning your business, but when you get technical, you’re really just someone who represents the company. And that can be bad for your long-term network marketing success!

The Pitfalls Of Branding Your Network Marketing Company

When you “represent” your network marketing company, you become the side show — the company itself is the main event. When you become successful, they get all the credit and the exposure. And you? You’re just a very well-paid distributor! The problem with representing the network marketing company is that it leaves you vulnerable to changes in the market. If the network marketing company suddenly folds up, gets bought by a larger company, or suffers from bad reputation, guess what? You go down with it. There go your downlines.

The Advantages Of Branding Yourself

On the other hand, when you brand YOURSELF, you’re in control. All of a sudden, you’re independent of the company’s rules, reputations, and procedures. When you brand yourself, you can finally run your network marketing venture as your own business. When you build your own brand, you can sell, recruit, and train however way you want! And perhaps the best advantage is that you can market the way you want. Instead of just finding prospects to sell to, you’re building a real community. You’re building your “fandom.”

How to Brand Yourself 

These days, the best way to market yourself is through the Internet. After all, having a piece of online real estate gives you a worldwide reach! It’s highly recommended that you get your own website with your own catchy, brand-identifying domain name. You can then tell the world about your new brand through Internet marketing. You can drive traffic to your website through articles, blogs, Squidoo lenses, free reports, e-books, social media… the list goes on. The more people recognize you as an expert in your industry, the more they’ll turn to you for information. Here’s a tip: Make sure you think your domain name thoroughly through. You get to choose only one, so make sure it’s a name you’re willing to stick to for as long as you’re planning to run your network marketing business.

Build Your Brand Today

Branding is extremely important! Very few network marketers actually do it, which may contribute to the fact that most new network marketers fail in their businesses before their first year. But when you brand yourself, it puts you ahead of the pack. Start building your brand now! Kevin Donaldson is an entrepreneur, author, and expert network marketer. To get his free advice about branding and other little-known aspects of network marketing, visit his website. Don’t wait until tomorrow to start building your brand — click here now!

5linx — A Business Opportunity Like No Other

Much has been said about 5Linx, a fast-growing network marketing company. Many say it’s a blessing and a valuable business opportunity. Others say it’s nothing but “yet another MLM scam or 5Linx Scam.” What’s the real deal? Let’s take a closer look with this 5Linx Review.

Network Marketing’s Bad Rap is 5Linx included? 5Linx Scam?

All over the world, network marketing (also known as MLM, or multi-level marketing) has received, rather unfairly, a bad reputation. It’s a radical new way of doing business — so radical that some people, used to the traditional corporate structure of doing business, find it scary.

Some people call network marketing “scams” because most people make the investment, only to quit the business before the first year. It’s sad, but many people think network marketing is a “get rich quick” scheme — which leads to utter disappointment. Well, let’s go on the record: network marketing is NOT a “get rich quick” scheme!

The key to Success in 5Linx or any other Network Marketing company

Here’s the fact — network marketing is HARD WORK! Just like any other business, you invest some capital, and then you pour your heart into building the business for at least a year or two. Any less than that, and you end up like the vast majority who fail at network marketing (and blame the company for “scamming” them).

So if a network marketer tells you, “Just invite two or three of your friends to join our network, then the fat paychecks will start rolling in,” stand up and walk away. It just doesn’t work that way. It’s hard work for 1-2 years, and then it gets easier after that.

Yes, it’s hard work. And unless you’re willing to devote one year of work to build your new business, you’ll most likely quit.  Because all network marketing companies are willing to work with you, you can choose to follow the system immediately and start the road to success or do you own thing and struggle. You either Win or Quit, you can not lose! But some network marketing companies do have distinct advantages over others. And this is where 5Linx shines.

5Linx’s Advantages – 5Linx Review 

5Linx Review – The first advantage that 5Linx has is that as a representative, you get to sell highly in-demand products. 5Linx specializes in telecommunications, energy and electronic gadgets. Cellphones, mobile plans, and other telecom products are included in its product list.

5Linx also offers security systems, satellite TV systems, broadband Internet packages, and much more. These are all tools and services that today’s average person needs — and that means no matter where you look anywhere in the world, there’s always a buyer to be found.

5Linx’s second advantage is its proven compensation plan. If you work hard, you WILL be rewarded — 5Linx has been rewarding its hardworking representatives for the past 10 years. From humble beginnings — 150 reps in 2002 — it has grown into a powerful company with over 50,000 representatives all over the world. Imagine how you would feel receiving a check everytime one of your customers paid their bills – utility, internet, home/business phone, cellular, merchant account…..etc. If the thought of Passive Residual Income has you Excited…. then continue reading.

And 5Linx’s third advantage? Kevin J Donaldson! That’s right — yours truly is a proud 5Linx representative. I’ve studied the company and love it so much, that I can’t wait to help you start your own 5Linx company and grow it to its full potential.

I’d love to help you get started on your new 5Linx business. What about you? Visit my website to start your training, signing-up, and setting-up. I’ll be with you every step of the way — why worry? 5Linx Scam is a Myth, hopeful this 5Linx Review was helpful and 5Linx may be that Blessing you have been waiting for!

Tax Benefits Of Being A Home-Based Business Owner

One of the biggest financial challenges for Americans today is managing their taxes. Left alone, employees can stand to give up nearly half of their monthly income to taxes. But did you know that having a home-based business can actually cut your taxes by a few thousand dollars every year?

The Rise Of Home-Based Businesses

Home-based businesses are a rising trend all over the world today. Not only do home-based business owners spend more time with their kids, enjoy time flexibility, and make money out of their talents and hobbies, but they also enjoy certain valuable tax privileges.

Done correctly, a home-based business can cut your total monthly taxes by $200 or more. Here are some ways to deduct from your total taxable income:

#1 – The Home Office Deduction. This provision lets homeowners deduct certain expenses of their home offices as part of the cost of running a business. Other expenses related to starting and running a home office also counts in this deduction.

There are certain requirements to be satisfied in order to qualify for this deduction, though. One is that the home office must be the main headquarters of the business. Two, the home office must be an exclusive room — you can’t, for instance, call it a home office if you run it on the dining table while the kids are away.

#2 – Building-related expenses. Take the total floor area of your home office, and then divide it by the total floor area of your home. The percentage you get is deductible from certain tax interests your home normally falls under.

For instance, if your home office is 150 square feet, and your home has a total of 1500 square feet, then you can deduct 10% from your mortgage interest. You can also deduct the same percentage from your property interest.

#3 – Other deductible expenses. There are many tiny expenses in and around your home-based business that you can deduct as direct and indirect costs of doing business. Examples of these expenses include utilities, moving/transportation, meals/entertainment, and more.

There’s so much to write about the tax benefits of a home-based business that it won’t fit in a single article. For more information on what the IRS declares deductible, visit www.irs.gov. You can also subscribe to my website to receive more free information about entrepreneurship.

Start Your Home Business Today!

Starting your own home-based business can mean a substantial improvement in quality of life for you and your family — and tax advantages are just a small part of it. If you’re not sure about starting a home-based business, I advise you keep your day job, but spend a few hours each day building the business on the side.

Kevin Donaldson is an advocate of home-based business. He believes small businesses will be the key to solving the country’s economic problems from the ground up. Visit his website for more free entrepreneurship advice delivered straight to your inbox. Why suffer from taxes? Click here now!

Discipline Is A Prerequisite To A Successful Life

The statement “Discipline is a prerequisite to a successful life,” sounds very simple. In reality, it is not so. There is a need to have deep insight of discipline and organization for a successful life.

Discipline In Life – Why is it so important?

It should be learned that success does not come to those who are undisciplined in their matters of life. In fact, success is acquired by those who strive consistently and regularly, rather than sporadically. Indiscipline and messy behavior can bring some temporary success but discipline, for a known fact, surely and certainly takes you to success in life.

After all, which path would a rational person choose? A steady one that is certainly going to take him to his destination or a short cut that might take you to your destination in a short time?  Certainly the former one, you would say. By being steady and acquiring discipline in life, you become successful in life and this success is not a flash in the pan but permanent because you have acquired this royal habit.

Can’t I just go on without having discipline in life? Why or why not?

Consistency, regularity, and discipline are the traits that have led the flourishing people where they are right now. Read their biographies and you will find a common characteristic in them all – discipline. Similarly, best selling writers reveal that a disciplined routine is the secret to their success before they are penning down all the time rather than writing irregularly. The great scholars are the ones who put in long, untiring hours of persistence and determination to write and research.

Even all the successful athletes will tell that they are successful because they work hard and practice all the time until the time they acquire new skills and flourish their talent through discipline. Amusingly so, if discipline did not have as much importance as we have emphasized, it would not have been possible to lose weight and cut down on those extra pounds by exercising irregularly once a week or month.

Your journey to progress is accompanied by many challenges that you encounter as you go along. But discipline helps you deal and overcome to get to the next stage. You need to conquer your discipline during the disappointing days, which are inevitable in everyone’s life. Discipline will help you to triumph when the things do not go your way.

Acquiring discipline in life – is it difficult?

Acquiring discipline in life is not a difficult task. It is a habit that can be possess by merely practicing. Having a clear, defined ambition, following a plan of action, and staying positive is all you need. If you can adopt these three simple steps, you are sure to have a much more disciplined life than before – which will ensure you of a life full of accomplishments.

Visit this website now to have discipline in life that will not only ensure your success but will also eradicate all life-long problems. In an attempt to help you flourish your skills and have a discipline in life, it is very important to know what you want and how you want to proceed in your life.


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